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5 Tips For Buying From the Best Car Dealers in Auckland

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If you’re looking to buy a new car from the best car dealers in Auckland then you really only have 2 options

You can buy privately or you can buy from a car dealer.

The benefits of buying from a car dealer are consumer restricted meaning that car dealers have to abide by certain rules.

The downside if you are buying privately, is that the seller is not responsible for any faults of the vehicle once you buy the car and you are buying on a as is where is basis.       

Yes if you are buying a car privately you will get it cheaper because car dealers have a window price that they have to sell the car for.

Here’s some tips you can use when you are buying from the best car dealers in Auckland:

  • Check the paint work, you can stand on the corner of the car look straight down to see if the car has any dents or paint imperfections.
  • Check that the car has a current warrant of fitness (wof) have a look at the wof label and see it’s expiry date.
  • If the wof has it’s expired you may want to think to yourself, why is this person selling the car?
  • Check to make sure all the lights are working properly and inspect the lenses as well for any cracks or imperfections as lenses are so expensive.
  •  Check the tires and make sure they are in good condition and have plenty of tread, tires can cost $100 or more brand new.
  • Looking inside the car at the car’s interior inspect the dash for cracks the door cards damage the roof lining isn’t sagging.
  • While checking the interior what does the car smell like? Does it smell like someone has been smoking inside the car?       
  • Next you want to turn the car’s ignition on check all the warning lights are on and that they turn off once the car is running after you start it.   
  •  Warning lights on the dash are important because they can indicate if the car has problems with it’s brakes engine or electrical circuits.
  • Once you started the car obviously you want to take the car for a test drive.
  • When you are taking the car for a test drive you want to make sure that you can’t hear any funny noises like rattling or rubbing.
  • While you are driving you can turn the car left and right to see if the car’s wheel alignment is straight.
  • Usually if the car tends to pull to one side more then the other it indicates that the car will need a wheel alignment.
  • As you are driving the car you want to check that the all the gears in the transmission are changing smoothly this will indicate a good gearbox.
  • When you are pushing the brake pedal it should go down smoothly but if you feel the brake pedal pushing your foot back up this can indicate that there could be a problem with the brakes.         

One of the biggest problems when you are buying from the best car dealers in Auckland, is that most customers and people are not technically minded.

When you are buying a car you want to seek expert advice you pay a couple hundred dollars to most mechanic places to get a full inspection done on your car.

It’s definitely worth it in the long run plus saves you the time of repairs later.

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