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How to apply for finance

How To Apply For Finance

Hey there it’s Richard here from

Today in this video I’m going to show you how to apply for finance so that you can get the car you want to purchase with a loan.

Our team has partnered up with a finance company called

Check out our review here, where I show you some basics about their company and how they can help you with your financing purposes.

It’s real simple to apply for a loan with Carfinance2u our finance partners, all you have to do is click the link below the video and that will take you straight to their website page.

Then you will want to click on the button the says “apply now” once you click that button it will take you to the application form.

All you have to do at this point is fill out your personal details you will also need photo id as well like you driver’s license.

If you are filling the application form outside of business hours, your application won’t be processed until the next business day.

A professional customer service team member from CarFinance2u will look at your form to see if you qualify for finance.

They have a process when it comes to financing people for loans.

Car Finance 2u Review

If you pick the wrong finance company.

You could end up paying more interest.

Today I’m going to review a company called Car Finance 2u

Car finance 2u was founded in 2012 by Thorton green group.

Here’s a list of benefits they provide

  • Vehicle finance and insurance broker and serve customers throughout New Zealand.
  • Since they were established in 2012 CarFinance2u quickly became NZ’s most popular finance company.
  • Very well known among most of the top insurance companies with services that suit their customers needs.
  • Creating a suitable insurance/finance package for most customers and their individual needs.
  • Assisting people with good and bad credit
  • Full team of 20+ sales consultants that offer customer support throughout the application process.

Carfinance2u has 3 virtual offices in NZ, one based in Auckland Wellington and Christchurch

When I went over their website I found that they offer fast approval loan which I think is a bonus.

You can pay your loan repayments back from as little as $50 a week.


  • Fast approval
  • Online application
  • Awesome customer service
  • You can buy car’s privately
  • Bad credit approval
  • Bankruptcy
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Defaults
  • Judgments
  • Late or missed payment(s)


  • Only based in New Zealand
  • One unhappy customer out of 39

Here’s what their customers have to say:

I had a quick glimpse and read through their reviews and they have at least a rating of 99.9% good feedback from happy customers.

I did find one unhappy customer out of 39 from their google reviews at the time of this article, but that’s still not that bad, you can’t please everyone.


So overall I think Car Finance 2U has outstanding customer service most of their customer review are 5 star rated.

Yes they do have at least one unhappy customer but that’s to be expected when you’re running a business.

I like the fact that they can help most people even if you have defaults or bad credit.

So based on this review yes I would recommend Car Finance 2U for your next car loan/finance. Be sure to check them out here.

Brutally Honest Car Dealer Reveals The Truth About His Faulty Car………..

Are you sick of buying a car that doesn’t last long? there are some car dealers that try to cover up a dodgy car with a botch job but at Journee Autos they decided to tell their customers the truth about a rusty old car.

Amazingly after they advertised the car on their Facebook page within 24 hours it was sold, it just goes to show that some car dealers that tell the truth still sell their cars.

The salesman even quotes that the car “has rust” and “that there is nothing special about this car”.

Ever since the ad went viral the company has had many calls from radio stations and local car dealers.

5 Tips To Get a Low interest loan in NZ

Are you looking for less interest in your next loan? Is it for a car? House, or personal use….well keep reading because in this article I’m going to share 5 tips to get a low interest loan for your next car purchase.

We all know what it’s like to buy a new car and 80% of people in New Zealand don’t have the cash up front.

Many different finance companies and banks are cashing in on the demand for people wanting a loan for whatever reason or needs they have.

If you don’t get your next low interest loan you will end up paying high interest rates forever.

You can literally find a loan for all most anything these days so let me help you with some tips that you can use to get your next loan.

Have a set budget

Yes simple but easy you need to have a focused goal on the exact amount of dollars you are willing to borrow.

Don’t forget every dollar you borrow against your loan you will be paying interest on top of that back to the finance company.

Have a limit on your repayments

Depending on your budget you want to have a set amount every week that you are willing to pay for your loan repayments.

Usually most finance companies will suggest to make lower repayments because the longer the loan you take out the more money they make.

Usually if your repayments are higher than the less your interest will be over a shorter term as well.

Interest rates

Which finance company offers the best interest rate that is suitable to your budget.

You can easily do this over the phone ring around to different finance companies and ask them about their interest rates.

However most finance companies will ask you to come in because they know once you are in the door it’s a step closer for them to sell you their products.

You don’t need to go in you can simply do most of your research over the phone.

Just remember there lots of competing companies willing to sign you up at the drop of a coin.

Do your research

You can easily find most finance companies on google or other review sites and social media, or better yet you can go to their company’s site.

You want to look at their services,

How much can you borrow? Can you apply online? If you have a brief look over their website, how fast can they approve your loan? Do you need a deposit? Can you get a loan with no deposit?

I took a brief look over this finance companies website and here’s some cool things I found out about them.

They offer fast approval, no deposit and one click application online to get your finance.

One of the best things I thought was convenient was the fact that they offer a no deposit loan as well.

Further research

A further in depth scan of the site called cf2u I see that they can help most people out in any financial situation which include bankruptcy, mortgage arrears defaults judgments late or missed payments


So when you are looking for a low interest loan just remember a few simple things, remember to go in with a set budget and a set amount of repayments you’re willing to pay. Pick the company with the best and preferably lowest interest rates. Most important research the company you are looking to get finance with and make sure you are happy with them.

Highly Effective Way To Check Second hand car Dealers in Auckland

Which second hand car dealer in Auckland should you choose?

Finding out which car dealer you want to pick when you are looking to buy your next new/used car.

First you want to research the car dealer.

Most car dealers are members of MTA which means that they must comply with strict code of conduct to ensure they operate the business with good ethics and according to the consumers guarantee act.


Most car dealers will accept your old vehicle as a trade-in, you can do research on your car’s current market value on so you then you have more room to negotiate your tradein value.

Consumers Guarantee act

Dealers must comply with the consumer’s guarantee act which makes them more accountable and ethical within their business and the guidlines within CGA


Most car dealers can arrange for you to get finance approved on site or on their websites this saves you the hassle of running around wasting time.


All car dealers have to comply with government conduct of code which means they are not allowed to mis represent any advertisements or car sales.

What are you looking for exactly?

You need to a have plan, a plan where you can decide what car you actually want, it will help if you decide on a make, model and year of the car you want.

Also have a set budget because the salesmen will try to add value to your deal and increase your budget with more benefits and sales tactics. (that’s what they are trained to do.


You want to be fully aware of exactly how much you plan to spend when you’re looking for your next car, so this includes knowing your budget make and model of the car, what steps to take if the car breaks down within the next 7-30 days, does the consumers guarantee act apply?. What are the repayments with finance and how much is the interest etc etc. What’s the best price you can get for your trade-in, all these steps can help you to get the best deal for your next car.

Amazing Tips You Need to Know About Used Car Dealers in Auckland

Are you looking for a used car dealer in Auckland?

When people search for a used car dealer on google or on the internet it can be time consuming.

But by typing a search query into google like “used car dealers Auckland” you will come up with all the relevant results.

There are many different used car dealers in Auckland depending on which part of Auckland you stay in, you can easily find one close to you.

Here’s a quick list we have put together of local car dealers near you:

  • Guliver NZ Used Cars
  • City Motorgroup
  • Honda Used Cars
  • 2 Cheap Cars
  • Buy Right Cars
  • New World Cars
  • Need A Car
  • Budget Car Sales
  • Advantage Cars
  • City Motor Group
  • Entreprise Group
  • Kilburn Cars

With over 1 million people based in Auckland you can see how the population is growing and the need for a reliable car continues to grow.

Here’s some tips you can use when you are buying a used car?

Inspect the car: you want to check the oil and water and make sure there is no water in the oil verse versa because if there is this can indicate that there is a blown head gasket in the engine which can happen since cars are mostly imported directly from Japan or overseas.

Take a photo and get copies of the ad: you have a legal obligation to the fair trading act as a consumer this doesn’t apply to private sales but it does apply to business sales, most car dealers can’t guarantee that the car is 100% fail proof because engines will fail when ever they do, so you will want your copies of the consumers information notice and a copy of the ad just in case something happens to the car down the road.

Research the company: you will want to check out the companies history you can do a search on Facebook or social media if they have had a bad deal in the past someone will say something about it.

Car City Auckland Review

Car city is a Auckland based car sales yard found at 71 East Tamaki Road Auckland.

They are 100% New Zealand owned and operated company that sell used cars.

From a look at their website you can see that they are AA approved friendly professional and promise to provide a no pressure environment.

They have a Facebook fan page and at the time of this article it has over 1700 likes.

Car city has a wide range of vehicles.

They have a range from BMWs Holdens and Japanese imports.
At the time of this article the prices range from $7000-$30000

They have a finance option available

Where you can simply fill out a form online for a pre approved finance check,.

all you need to do is fill out your personal details like your name address driver licence number etc.

They have built up a awesome reputation with many happy customers here’s what some of their customers have to say:

Car city’s have a trade-in option.

You can simply fill out their form car trade-in form online

all you need to do is fill out your personal details.

Your name address and the details of the vehicle you want to trade-in.

They have a awesome team of 5 people as well, 3 sales reps one re conditioner and one car buyer like the saying goes you need a good team to run a good business.

So this is a short review about Car city we are not affiliated with Car city this review is based on our opinion only.

All the research from this review came from their website at Car City

You can also contact Car city customer services yourself for a friendly conversation.


Overall rating I think Car City Auckland has outstanding service and customer service please note I don’t work for nor am I affiliated with Car City Auckland I am simply giving my own personal opinion, there is also a awesome car dealer that I have found who is local based in Avondale there cars are very cheap and affordable, I’ll admit they are not as big as Car City Sales but they are very keen to talk to people that would like affordable cars check them out here for more information.

11 Top Car dealers in Auckland

Are you looking for different car dealers in Auckland ?

Well you have come to the right place below are a list of different car dealers in Auckland

  1. 2 Cheap Cars
  2. Buy Right Cars
  3. Enterprise Motor Group
  4. Need A Car
  5. Budget Car Sales
  6. Advantage Cars
  7. City Motor Group
  8. Kilburn Cars
  9. 1 Stop Cars
  10. Zodiac Motors
  11. Fleetz Wholesale Cars

You can choose any car dealer from above to get your new car today!

When you are searching for a Car dealer it can be tricky at first because of all the research and due diligents you have to do.

But in saying that it can be a good idea because you do not want to buy lemon right?

Here’s a couple of tips you can use when searching for the best car dealers in Auckland.

Tip number one do a google search and see what the top 10 results are? if you look pass the sponsored ads you will see that there are many natural organic listings as well

Usually natural organic listings means that the site or business listed has been around for a while and has excellent marketing and sales experience.

Tip number 2 take a quick search through a car dealers website you will want to check prices against your budget, and make sure it’s affordable, you can also search the year make and model of most cars you are interested in.

Tip number 3, does the car dealer you are looking into offer you a mechanical warranty? if so , how much is it going to cost you and how long does it last before you have to renew it again.

Tip 4 do they have excellent customer service? or is their customer service poor? a quick simple phone can help with this, all you need to do is give them a call on their contact number which should be listed under their contact us page.

5 Tips For Buying From the Best Car Dealers in Auckland

If you’re looking to buy a new car from the best car dealers in Auckland then you really only have 2 options

You can buy privately or you can buy from a car dealer.

The benefits of buying from a car dealer are consumer restricted meaning that car dealers have to abide by certain rules.

The downside if you are buying privately, is that the seller is not responsible for any faults of the vehicle once you buy the car and you are buying on a as is where is basis.       

Yes if you are buying a car privately you will get it cheaper because car dealers have a window price that they have to sell the car for.

Here’s some tips you can use when you are buying from the best car dealers in Auckland:

  • Check the paint work, you can stand on the corner of the car look straight down to see if the car has any dents or paint imperfections.
  • Check that the car has a current warrant of fitness (wof) have a look at the wof label and see it’s expiry date.
  • If the wof has it’s expired you may want to think to yourself, why is this person selling the car?
  • Check to make sure all the lights are working properly and inspect the lenses as well for any cracks or imperfections as lenses are so expensive.
  •  Check the tires and make sure they are in good condition and have plenty of tread, tires can cost $100 or more brand new.
  • Looking inside the car at the car’s interior inspect the dash for cracks the door cards damage the roof lining isn’t sagging.
  • While checking the interior what does the car smell like? Does it smell like someone has been smoking inside the car?       
  • Next you want to turn the car’s ignition on check all the warning lights are on and that they turn off once the car is running after you start it.   
  •  Warning lights on the dash are important because they can indicate if the car has problems with it’s brakes engine or electrical circuits.
  • Once you started the car obviously you want to take the car for a test drive.
  • When you are taking the car for a test drive you want to make sure that you can’t hear any funny noises like rattling or rubbing.
  • While you are driving you can turn the car left and right to see if the car’s wheel alignment is straight.
  • Usually if the car tends to pull to one side more then the other it indicates that the car will need a wheel alignment.
  • As you are driving the car you want to check that the all the gears in the transmission are changing smoothly this will indicate a good gearbox.
  • When you are pushing the brake pedal it should go down smoothly but if you feel the brake pedal pushing your foot back up this can indicate that there could be a problem with the brakes.         

One of the biggest problems when you are buying from the best car dealers in Auckland, is that most customers and people are not technically minded.

When you are buying a car you want to seek expert advice you pay a couple hundred dollars to most mechanic places to get a full inspection done on your car.

It’s definitely worth it in the long run plus saves you the time of repairs later.

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