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5 Tips To Get a Low interest loan in NZ

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Are you looking for less interest in your next loan? Is it for a car? House, or personal use….well keep reading because in this article I’m going to share 5 tips to get a low interest loan for your next car purchase.

We all know what it’s like to buy a new car and 80% of people in New Zealand don’t have the cash up front.

Many different finance companies and banks are cashing in on the demand for people wanting a loan for whatever reason or needs they have.

If you don’t get your next low interest loan you will end up paying high interest rates forever.

You can literally find a loan for all most anything these days so let me help you with some tips that you can use to get your next loan.

Have a set budget

Yes simple but easy you need to have a focused goal on the exact amount of dollars you are willing to borrow.

Don’t forget every dollar you borrow against your loan you will be paying interest on top of that back to the finance company.

Have a limit on your repayments

Depending on your budget you want to have a set amount every week that you are willing to pay for your loan repayments.

Usually most finance companies will suggest to make lower repayments because the longer the loan you take out the more money they make.

Usually if your repayments are higher than the less your interest will be over a shorter term as well.

Interest rates

Which finance company offers the best interest rate that is suitable to your budget.

You can easily do this over the phone ring around to different finance companies and ask them about their interest rates.

However most finance companies will ask you to come in because they know once you are in the door it’s a step closer for them to sell you their products.

You don’t need to go in you can simply do most of your research over the phone.

Just remember there lots of competing companies willing to sign you up at the drop of a coin.

Do your research

You can easily find most finance companies on google or other review sites and social media, or better yet you can go to their company’s site.

You want to look at their services,

How much can you borrow? Can you apply online? If you have a brief look over their website, how fast can they approve your loan? Do you need a deposit? Can you get a loan with no deposit?

I took a brief look over this finance companies website and here’s some cool things I found out about them.

They offer fast approval, no deposit and one click application online to get your finance.

One of the best things I thought was convenient was the fact that they offer a no deposit loan as well.

Further research

A further in depth scan of the site called cf2u I see that they can help most people out in any financial situation which include bankruptcy, mortgage arrears defaults judgments late or missed payments


So when you are looking for a low interest loan just remember a few simple things, remember to go in with a set budget and a set amount of repayments you’re willing to pay. Pick the company with the best and preferably lowest interest rates. Most important research the company you are looking to get finance with and make sure you are happy with them.

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