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Highly Effective Way To Check Second hand car Dealers in Auckland

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Which second hand car dealer in Auckland should you choose?

Finding out which car dealer you want to pick when you are looking to buy your next new/used car.

First you want to research the car dealer.

Most car dealers are members of MTA which means that they must comply with strict code of conduct to ensure they operate the business with good ethics and according to the consumers guarantee act.


Most car dealers will accept your old vehicle as a trade-in, you can do research on your car’s current market value on so you then you have more room to negotiate your tradein value.

Consumers Guarantee act

Dealers must comply with the consumer’s guarantee act which makes them more accountable and ethical within their business and the guidlines within CGA


Most car dealers can arrange for you to get finance approved on site or on their websites this saves you the hassle of running around wasting time.


All car dealers have to comply with government conduct of code which means they are not allowed to mis represent any advertisements or car sales.

What are you looking for exactly?

You need to a have plan, a plan where you can decide what car you actually want, it will help if you decide on a make, model and year of the car you want.

Also have a set budget because the salesmen will try to add value to your deal and increase your budget with more benefits and sales tactics. (that’s what they are trained to do.


You want to be fully aware of exactly how much you plan to spend when you’re looking for your next car, so this includes knowing your budget make and model of the car, what steps to take if the car breaks down within the next 7-30 days, does the consumers guarantee act apply?. What are the repayments with finance and how much is the interest etc etc. What’s the best price you can get for your trade-in, all these steps can help you to get the best deal for your next car.

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